Thursday, August 30, 2007

tf4mono for windows

Thanks to Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, I've created some win32 installation packages for tf4mono.

There are two install options.

The first, tf4mono-base-0.5.1-rc1.exe, has been compiled without any GUI code. It has no external dependencies and should run on any win32 box with the .Net 2.0 framework installed.

The second package, tf4mono-full-0.5.1-rc1.exe, includes the graphical TF explore command. To run this version on win32, you must first install the Gtk# Installer for Windows.

Neither package adds the tf4mono installation folder to the SYSTEM or USER path. You'll have to do this by hand for now.

If you're on a windows box and have a few minutes to test out the package, please do so. Any feedback on how they work would be awesome.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Explore Command

Rather than try to learn how to write a monodevelop plugin and the Gtk# API all at the same time, I thought I'd start out by just getting my head around Gtk#.

Consequently, I've been working on a tf explore command that popups a Gtk# Application that lets you explore the TFS repository you're connected to. Here's what it looks like thus far:

I've been pretty impressed with the available widgets and their ease of use.

I can't quite figure out yet how to show a WATCH cursor when the TF query is lengthy - I've tried several different incantations but all to no avail.

That's the only thing that seems like it should be easier.