Thursday, November 08, 2007

MonoDevelop and Team Foundation

Now that MonoDevelop is nearing a 1.0 release, I thought I'd take another look at fleshing out a TeamFoundation plugin for MD.

For starters, I'm taking the "tf explore" command in OpenTF, factoring out the Gtk classes into a separate assembly, then building out an MD addin that makes use of it.

Obligatory screenshot: OpenTF-MonoDevelop-v1

It will take a while to clean up this code and the build machinery, and to figure out how to make better use of builtin MonoDevelop addin services, but perhaps in a release of two, we'll have something useful. If you're interested in helping, please do!

At some point, I'm also hopeful that those developing the VersionControl API for MD can consider the needs of a Team Foundation plugin. I'd be very interested in seeing if we can make something work for SVN, GIT, etc. and TFS. That'd be a much better situation.


Michael Hutchinson said...

Looks good! If you have any specific requests or suggestions (or patches) for the VersionControl API, please post them to monodevelop-list for discussion -- we haven't had much (if any) feedback from people writing providers for other VCSes.

BPeau said...

I release my first version of TeamAddins, a tfs addins for monodevelop. You can give it a try and your feedback are welcome.