Monday, February 04, 2008

OpenTF 0.6.0 Release

Wow - two months without a blog post and 3 months since my last OpenTF release! For the last month or two, I really haven't worked much on OpenTF, preferring instead to work on learning NT Greek and more about the Book of Isaiah.

The latest release includes a few new goodies and many bugfixes. There's the new IRC changeset notification bot, support for CruiseControl (an open source continuous build framework), a monodevelop plugin for browsing TFS servers, and several new commands like "shelve", "rollback", and "merges".

Over the next few month, I hope to be able to further develop the monodevelop plugin, continue work on missing commands, and begin testing other open source Team Foundation tools for compatibility with the OpenTF libraries.


Jason Stangroome said...

My biggest problem with the official TFS assemblies is they are compiled for 32-bit only. Everything breaks if you try to reference them from an AnyCPU assembly on Windows x64 or from PowerShell x64.

Does OpenTF suffer this same limitation?

redsolo said...


What is the status of the opentf project? Im wondering since I would like to contribute some changes to it, to make it more compatible with the output that is generated by Microsoft's TF tool.