Monday, June 01, 2009

CRM Integration via LDAP

Our vision for NetCenter is to facilitate and drive a customer centric view of day to day activities within an organization. Whether you're in sales, engineering, administration, or elsewhere, we want to help organize your documents, emails, phone calls, projects, and other day to day activities in a customer centric way.

We also want a platform that's easy to use and integrates well into existing business systems.

As part of this effort, I recently completed exposing NetCenter contacts to mail clients like Zimbra, Outlook, and Thunderbird via a custom OpenLDAP backend.

All of these mail clients can leverage LDAP based address books, so we expose NetCenter contacts via LDAP so that you can quickly and easily send emails to prospective and current customers. Here's a screenshot from Outlook:

And Zimbra:

There's no real documentation on how to create a custom backend, but the back-null and back-shell backends are pretty good places to start.

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