Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Updated NetCenter Screenshots

Ok, no reams of code in this post, just some recent screenshots of NetCenter, an ajax rich jquery/Grails based CRM I've been working on. Most of the icons below come from the CrystalClear icon set on wikimedia.

This first shot shows our TODO manager rollup/down side bar:

And the asset management module:

Who are those cute kids ;-) ?

And finally, the document management accordion panel for an account:

Seeing the product live is far more impressive - new tab load speed, yahoo map popups, click to call - but hopefully these screenshots give you a sense of the general UI layout of NetCenter. This is really the first time I've down a tab oriented layout but I thought it would be the best design for a web-based CRM solution where you are jumping around alot, with multiple ways to get to the same information, but don't want to lose your place.

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