Thursday, September 20, 2007

test RPM for tf4mono

I just caught up on my reading of the mono mailing list and saw Miguel's post about Mono Packaged .NET apps for Mono.

Since I have debian packages and a win32 installer for tf4mono, I thought it might be time to make an RPM package as well and maybe help this QA effort.

Anyway, I downloaded the very helpful Mono 1.2.5 VMWare image and went to work on creating a spec file for rpmbuild. Side note: cleaning out the bash history and ~/.ssh might be a sensible improvement to this image.

I had to try and remember all the old rpm command line options I used to use in my sleep - as I fell in love with debian's apt-get several years ago and forgot most rpm incantations.

Anyway, here's the resultant RPM package. By the way, I enabled the optional gtksourceview-sharp based syntax highlighting in the package.

If anyone can review the file or the RPM file and offer suggestions for improvement, please do so. I'll gladly make a necessary cleanups.

I installed the package and ran "tf show build" and "tf show stats /server:my.tfs.server.ip" and "tf explore /server:my.tfs.server.ip" and everything seemed in order. The "tf show" commands are new in the soon to be released 0.5.2 version of tf4mono.


Vlado said...

I will definitely look at this, because documentation is severely lacking in this area. A related item would be the linker. If I want to create a binary with all dependencies build in, this seems like it should be better documented.



Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have a command-line version only rpm as well. I was trying to install it on a headless (no X at all) and was having some trouble.